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A Job has been posted.  Starting at $70,000!!

Here's the department it's in: http://www.geo.utexas.edu/
Currently, I'm the only Unix admin so I may be working very closely with whomever gets hired.

Please apply or get the word out to anyone that might be interested.

Rwanda, all over again...

How many millions of people must die before we care enough to do something significant?
Why do we always chase money and power, as opposed to standing up for who people aren't able to defend themselves?


"The last decade of conflict has resulted in some 4 million deaths; an estimated 1,200 people die every day due to ongoing epidemics and war-related causes; some aid agencies estimate upward of 1,400 deaths per day," the Christian relief organization said in a news release.

Elysium 80's Night, Sunday, 11PM

hobgadling 's  Sister is in town.  She is thinking about moving here, so we are showing her around to the best Austin Sites.
Come join us at Elysium for 80's night. Wee should get there around 10ish, but we will definitely be there by 11PM.

Barton Springs?
What else does she need to experience?

   I work at the Department for Geological Sciences at UT and we are looking for someone to assist us in assisting Staff, Professors and Students with their personal computing needs.
   The pay might not be amazing, but the vacation and insurance benefits make up for it.  And working on campus is a lot of fun.
You will be the 3rd corner in the department's triad of Tech support.  I'm one of the other corners, and Ty, my friend makes up another.
Please apply, even if you don't have all the skill requirements. 
Here's the link: http://utdirect.utexas.edu/pnjobs/pnjobsvw.WBX?job_nbr=08-09-03-01-9314
   Feel free to ask questions.

Global Pool of Money: Credit Crisis

A NPR special on the causes of the Credit Crisis with
          first hand interviews of people that played different role in causing the crisis.
                 (Click on "Full Episode" on the left.)


(From May 9th, Why the crisis happened )


(From Oct 9th, A followup show, What are the crisis's effects? )

Burlesque the Vote! Friday October 3rd

I'm in this Burlesque Show, and I want you to come see me!

These tickets always sell out, so buy your's now!

Burlesque the Vote!

Friday October 3rd
Antone's 213 w 5th
benefiting the ACLU of Austin
Doors open at 8pm

Tickets on sale now!
$15 standing /$30 seating

Featuring members of Burlesque For Peace, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Carousel Cabaret, The Jigglewatts, the Lolliebombs, Schave and Riley, The Amazing Buffy West, and Doryan and Adam!
Also featuring Voter Virgin for all you first time voters
and Steven Noreyko's photobooth project for all of you camera whores.

The Perfect Cure for Elect-ile Disfunction = Red, White and Boobs!

Subprime Primer

This is funny and does a decent job of explaining what is going on.
from Clare

sun shines out your ass

"In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with."  - Juno

   This is some of th best advice I've ever heard.  I think eternal appreciation of everything that makes up the other person plays a big role in successful relationships.
Benji, You shine so bight, I have to wear shades.