efffie (efffie) wrote,


"I love working till I drop. I love looking back on the day and knowing I
put another book online. That's what I'm here for.
If I feel like I'm crashing, I eat. If that doesn't work,
I sleep. I live by the nanosecond and burn the candle at
both ends. With a blowtorch."
    --Michael Hart, head of Project Guttenberg

My lifestyle reminds hobgadling of this quote. 
hmmmm... It makes the packing of so much activity in my life, that I wear my body down to the point sickness, sound almost glamorous.
I'm glad he helps me slooooooooooow dooooooooooown.
I'm trying to work more towards Quality,...... not Quantity... 
but it's almost impossible to cut activities out of my life during this busy holiday season.

I'm going to Hawaii next Friday to spend 2 weeks with my Brother's Family. 
I'll be on the Oahu/Honolulu Island most, if not all the time I'm there.

What are the things I should not miss while I'm there?

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