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Food Crisis, Peak Oil

   I've been poking at peak oil sites, and reading some of the recent headlines, and I'm quite concerned, that within my life time, I'm may see the die-off of millions, maybe billions of people.  The human population has out grown it's habitat, and as usual, the poor will/are suffering first, and suffering the most, while our rich country insulates us from the horrible things on the outside.

   Yesterday, I heard that Sam's Club and Costco were limiting rice sells.   This really caught  my attention, and now I'm starting to be concerned for my well being, and the well being of those I love. 

Global food riots have started.
There may be local food riots at some point.  There isn't enough food stored within Texas to feed us for more then a couple weeks, if chaos stopped the steady stream of food into all of our shopping marts.  Part of the reduction of prices in the food industry is to have as little in inventory as possible.  The world, as a whole only has five weeks worth of food on hand.

And some people are investing in food, because food prices are going up faster then  the stock market.  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120881517227532621.html

It may be time to stock up on nonperishables and buy a couple guns, just in case I need them one day.
I'd hate to wait till everyone wanted to do this.
I'm I overreacting?

Are you preparing, and if so, what is your preparation plan?
Click on my links above for more info on these topics.

What are your thoughts/concerns? 

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