efffie (efffie) wrote,


   I had a great Flipside.  It was wonderful watching my lover discover it's wonders for the first time, and for me to find myself anew within it, as it is mostly new and mysterious every year.  I had a fabulous time, despite the ants that liked to share our bed, and the hottest sun a Flipside has seen.  
   My highlights are, the singing tesla coils, W-Ish, and the awesome responsibility shown in sound and fire management. Great Fucking Job.  The brozened hula girl was so beautiful, and I enjoyed the new artificial daylight that lit her up at night.  I had a pure Flipside experience, due to my lack of emotional baggage, the intimate interactions with my newbie sweetheart, and the guiltless enjoyment during the event due to the hardwork I put in before hand.  Benji and I are closer then ever.
   Now, it's on to all those things I was putting off till Flipside was over... Where did I put that list?

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