efffie (efffie) wrote,

Out of Touch

I haven't been giving enough time to LJ.
It got overwhelming to keep up with.
But it's the only way to keep in touch with some friends, so
a compromise must be found.
I miss y'all.
I'm finding that nesting up at home with my Sweetheart has taken some of the extrovert out of me, and
I've lost some of the closeness in my friendships.
At Decompression, I wasn't going out and making intimacy connections with people, because
I've got such a powerful and wonderful connection in such close proximity.
So, the solution?  hobgadling and I love to cook, and will start having little dinner parties.
Also, I'll start working with filters to reduce the overwhelming-ness.
Exclusivity is something that I have a problem with, but the truth is, my monkey sphere is too large.
How do you handle the size of your monkey sphere?

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