efffie (efffie) wrote,

Just Finished Day 10, Master Cleanse

I've only had lemonade and water for 10 day's straight.  Hooray!
I think all three of us will have made it after tomorrow, hobgadling, kreneezoner, and I.  Kristen is a day behind.
I've lusted after food, and fantasized about restaurants I used to go to in that privious life, where I could eat things that were solid.
I've enjoyed bragging about attending my hardcore aerobics class through the whole process. 
If there is one thing this has allowed me to do, it's to appreciate the amazing workings of my body.  I mean, the lemonade really isn't much sustenance, and I didn't get sick, beyond getting light headed, and hungry.  And I was able to continue my normal life, mostly.
I'm hoping to hit Curra's in a week.  *sigh*, that would be so nice.
I miss food.
   Benji, and I have really become a different couple through this.  We have don't have as much energy to give to the relationship, since we are living in a starvation economy, literally.  I'm excited about getting back to the gift economy that normally saturates this household.
   We celebrated our 1 Yr Anniversary by going to see WALL-E.  This movie totally Awesome!  One to add to the future collection of movies to show some kids someday.  "Celebrate" might be too strong a word.  It's more, kinda like, "Rescheduled the Anniversary to a non-fasting date, where we can sit down at a nice restaurant and STUFF our FACES."
   Benji's phone went off earlier this evening, to remind him to soak the beans for broth we (hopefully) can drink tomorrow (without getting sick.) The his alarm announced "Anniversary Beans."  He can turn the most mundane tasks into exciting adventures.
   And, there is a tiny chance I may get to go to back to Antarctica again, this winter.  For pics from 1999, click HERE.  *efffie*crosses*fingers*

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