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   Here I go on my Live Journal Career.  This will help me keep in touch with friends that have joined the Darkside of community broadcast communication, as opposed the the individual attention that used to be the norm.  Being that I'm a large community acquaintance type, it should be good for me too, and maybe I'll even have closer connections with those whom I'm already close to.

   Now for a rant. It's nice to be heard, as opposed to sitting here and talking to myself.  I am a news addict.

 Front page of CNN today, "Did hospital workers kill patients trapped by Katrina?" pisses me off.  
   Conditions in that hospital were BAD.  BAD beyond comprehension of you and I.  All we can do is imagine how bad they could have been but in reality 99% have never experienced anything anywhere close to how bad things must have been.  And It stayed that way for 4 days, without FEMA or anyone else to help them.  They were on shift 24 hrs a day for 4 days, in a hell hole, with no power for the equipment they had always relied on, when their life's work had been sworn to helping others.  There was no AC in the sweltering conditions, as they were breaking windows to get fresh air in.  They felt powerless to make conditions better  and could not see an end to the horror.  So they helped some get to a better place, away from the misery.  If that is the extent of their sanity breaking down, we should be impressed.  It's not like they were passing the young or strong to eternity, but those who had "do not resuscitate" papers signed.
   Let them be.  Let them recover from the mental anguish of this experience without regret.  They are sure to be much harder on themselves for their possible mistakes then any court could be.  We are talking about Doctors who made these decisions, not rapists, or murderers, or robbers, and they, at the time, felt they had the patients best interests in mind.     
   Go after the true criminals of this Katrina, of which there are many, not those who did their best to morally cope with that very horrible situation.  Why aren't we after the Superdome rapists, or information about the murders that took place in the streets during that lawless time.  Instead, we are worried about the Doctors???!!!


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