efffie (efffie) wrote,

Saving, saving, saving... to pay off debt, fix the foundation of my current home, and save to have a down payment on a future home,  and I'm making progress, but it feels like this is going to last forever, and I'm so cheap now... Our new home will be in Kaleidoscope Village, which won't be built for a year or two.  And a year or two, does indeed feel like forever.  But if we reach our goals, financially we will be in pretty good shape by then.  BTW, check out KV, and if community life is a match for you, come live with us. :)

I've been very involved in the Austin burn community for 8 years now, a 1/4th of my life.  As goes with being in any community this long, there in collect emotional land mines.  Their the sensitive spots that you never know if you'll fully work through, but you wish that you would stop surprising yourself by stumbling over them, and setting them off.  I've got 2 separate (incidents of heartbreak) land mines now and they are with beautiful, wonderful  people I wish to continue surrounding myself with.  Not personal, but situational, and my land mines none the less.  Please, forgive me if I ever unintentionally damage anyone.  Time is a generous healer.

ok, time to wake up my man and get some running on.  Anybody doing 5/10Ks on the weekends?


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